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True Repentance

True Repentance

True Repentance


Date: Saturday, August 6 2022.

Topic: True Repentance

Devotional Reading: Numbers 14:40-44

Key Verse: Numbers 14:40

Bible Characters: The Children Of Israel.

The Israelites had an amazing change of heart about obeying God’s command to enter and occupy the promised land after they saw God strike down the ten spies who had warned against doing so.

Sobered by God’s vengeance, they were willing to change their minds.

But there is a difference between saying you are sorry to avoid being punished and truly seeing the wrong as wrong.

When you want to mend a conflict, it is important to avoid merely going through the motions. Be sincere from your heart.

Healing the relationship takes true repentance.

Thought For The Day: Say Sorry In True Repentance Not To Avoid Punishment.

Prophetic Declaration:
1. My father, deliver me from falsehood in Jesus Name.

2. Every arrow of shame and disgrace, fired against me, I fire you back in Jesus Name.

3. My season of divine intervention and manifestation, appear by fire in Jesus Name. Amen!

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