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High Ambitious Parents.

High Ambitious Parents.

High Ambitious Parents.


Date: Monday, May 23 2022.

Topic: High Ambitious Parents.

Devotional Reading: Mathhew 20:20-23

Key Verse: Mathhew 20:21

Bible Character. The Mother Of James And John

The mother of James and John had high ambitions for her sons, but Jesus said she did not know what she was asking.

Every parent do have high hopes and dreams for their children. They try to give them a good education and opportunities to shine, hoping that they will be successful.

But they can go overboard, pushing the children beyond their interest and abilities.

To do so only makes them obsessive and self centered. Pushing them in an area where they are not naturally gifted can also damage their self-esteem.

When you pray for your children, do you envision specific careers and prospective jobs?

Ask God to help you guide them while respecting their individual personalities and interests.

Thought For The Day:
Don’t Underestimate The Spiritual Depth Of Children.

Prophetic Declaration:

  1. O God, make our children, generals in their generation in Jesus Name.
  2. Satanic ambition in my life, scatter in Jesus Name.
  3. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I recover my lost glory in Jesus Name.

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