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Giving Your Best to God

Giving Your Best to God

Giving Your Best to God


DATE: Tuesday, August 9, 2022.


KEY VERSE: Genesis 4:4

TOPIC: Giving Your Best to God

OTIONAL READING: Hebrews 11:1-4

Every child who knows the Bible and adult who has passed the door of a church knows the name of the second son of Adam and Eve. He is the first innocent to suffer; the youth whose life was cut short by his jealous brother, Cain.

Why GOD favoured Abel’s offering is unknown to us but not to them. They knew. The old world was not cluttered with noise and distraction like today. GOD’s will must have been crystal clear.

GOD’s will for us today is clear enough, too. We know that loving service is the centerpiece; that greed and pride are spoilers. We know that “our way or no way” is offensive to GOD. We know that GOD wants our devotion, no matter what the cost.

Today give your best to GOD, your heart trusting in GOD’s care. Your mind should be devoted to knowing GOD deeply. Let your will be eager to please the Sovereign Creator. Give your best to GOD!

Thought for the Day
Jealousy Kills A Relationship That GOD Wants To Nourish.

Prophetic Declaration
1. Internal altars of darkness in my life be shattered by the light of GOD in Jesus’ Name
2. LORD let Your fire cleanse my tongue of every evil in Jesus’ Name
3. Powers fighting my Christian life be roasted by the fire of GOD in Jesus’ Name

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