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Forgiveness, Part 2

Forgiveness, Part 2

Forgiveness, Part 2


Date: Saturday, May 21 2022.

Topic: Forgiveness, Part 2

Devotional Reading: Mathhew 18:21-35

Key Verse: Mathhew 18:35

Bible Characters. The Disciples

Jesus commanded us to forgive one another as God forgives us.

Forgiving someone for words spoken in anger or for matters that only hurt is relatively simple- It’s basically a decision we must make.

Where there is serious or even permanent damage, however, forgiveness becomes even more complicated. While we are still called to forgive, we must not confuse forgiving with excusing of sin.

When the offense is habitual, perhaps verbal, physical, or sexual abuse, the offender needs to be confronted, not excused.

If you face a situation like this, talk to your pastor or you seek out a trusted matured Christian friend or counselor to help you discern the appropriate, biblical course of action.

Thought For The Day:
Forgiveness Brings Inner Freedom, Joy And Peace.

Prophetic Declaration:

  1. Blood of Jesus, cleanse my heart of unforgiveness in Jesus Name.
  2. Let the joy of the LORD fill my heart in Jesus Name.
  3. I receive grace to be exceptional for His glory in Jesus Name.

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