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Date: Friday, June 17 2022.

Topic: Forgiveness

Devotional Reading: Genesis 6:1-4

Key Verse: Genesis 6:3

Character: God

God saw that people where wholly evil, yet He gave them time to mend their ways.

We probably don’t see our relatives or friends as completely evil, but they often fail or fall short of our expectations.

That can lead to disappointment which fuels anger and resentment and finally bitter grudge.

When others fail or disappoint us, even when it happens again and again, it is important to give them time and opportunity to change- first by talking it out with them if they are responsive, and then by letting them mend their ways.

Realize that you cannot control their behaviors, feelings or attitudes. Growing together takes time.

Allowing time and opportunity for that growth creates healthy relationships.

Thought For The Day: Forgiveness is the virtue that nurtures healthy relationships.

Prophetic Declaration:

  1. My father, deliver me from the spirit of unforgiveness in Jesus Name.
  2. Ancestral foundations, affecting my life, be neutralized by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ.
  3. My Heavens, open by fire in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Be Lifted!

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