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Faith and True Security

Faith and True Security

Faith and True Security


DATE: Wednesday, August 10 2022.


KEY VERSE: Esther 4:16

TOPIC: Faith and True Security

We treasure security, even though we know that security in this life carries no guarantee _possession can be destroyed, beauty fades, relationships can be broken, death is inevitable. Real security, then must rest on God and His unchanging nature.

Even though, Esther had won King Xerxes’ heart, she risked her life by attempting to see the king when he had not requested her presence. There was no guarantee that the king would even see her. Although she was a queen, she still was not secure. But, cautiously and courageously, Esther decided to risk her position of honor, wealth, and prestige by approaching the king on behalf of her people. On the chosen day she went before him, and he asked her to come forward and speak. Esther’s risk confirmed that GOD was the source of her security.

How much of your security rests on your possessions, positions, or reputation? GOD does not intend for you to use such gifts for your own benefit. He asks you to serve Him. Like Esther, you may risk your security to please GOD, but such risks will detach you from the false hope this world offers. Today, think of practical ways you can rely more firmly on the security only GOD can offer.

Thought For The Day
Serving GOD Often Demands That We Risk Our Security

Prophetic Activation

  1. Every good thing I touch will prosper and become a harvest in Christ Jesus Name
  2. I receive the mantle to harvest good things in the Name of Christ Jesus
  3. O LORD gather my portions in the Name of Jesus Christ

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