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Soul- Lift Daily Devotional With Dr. D. M. Tikili

Date: Monday, July 25 2022.

Topic: Failure

Devotional Reading: Joshua 8:1-9

Key Verse: 8:1

Bible Character. Children Of Israel.

Despite Israel’s failure to conquer Ai the first time, God gave them a second chance.

He told Joshua how to root out the problem that had caused their defeat and prepare to fight again.

This time, God promised, they would win and even get a share of the booty.

We all experience failure in life, in our relationships with parents, children, siblings, or other relatives.
Sometimes we have disagreements.

Yet we must learn, as Joshua did, to pray, hear from God and make adjustments, and start again.

Relationships within the church and home take work. Keep working at the relationships in your family despite the temporary setbacks you will inevitably experience.

With divine introduction and determination to fight again, there is victory and recovery after every defeat.

Thought For The Day:
Prepare To Fight Again.

Prophetic Declaration:

  1. Every voice of failure in my life, be silenced by the blood of Jesus.
  2. O God of strength, strengthen me in all my battles in Jesus Name.
  3. Let God arise and let my enemies be scattered in Jesus Name.

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