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Date: Wednesday, August 3 2022.

Topic: Disagreements

Devotional Reading: Numbers 12:1-10.

Key Verse: Numbers 12:1

Bible Characters: Mariam and Aaron.

Miriam and Aaron had traveled with their brother, Moses, for years since their escape from Egypt.

Suddenly they banded together against him for marrying a Cushite. But the real cause of their feelings was evidently envy of Moses’ leadership.

People often create smoke screens to hide their true motives. When as a leader or as a parent you are called on to settle disputes between people or between your children, make sure you listen and try to determine the root cause of the disagreement.

Behind a simple argument may lie something else. Also, guide your heart and thoughts to avoid the spirit of envy like Miriam and Aaron.

Thought For The Day: Envy Defiles The Spirit Of A Man.

Prophetic Declaration:
1. Every spirit of envy in my life, die, in the name of Jesus.

2. My life, receive life from the blood of Jesus.

3. My father, show me mercy and deliver me in Jesus Name. Amen!

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