Date: Sunday, February 26 2023.

Topic: Bible Reading

Devotional Reading:
Psalm 119:101-105

Key Verse: “ Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. (Psalm 119:105).

Bible Character: David

Those who have had to grope their way through a dark house during a power failure can appreciate the imagery of this verse.

Without a flashlight or candle, we face the prospect of bruised toes or worse.

In a similar way, the Bible is a light that when understood and used properly, can help us avoid stumbling as we make choices and relate to others.

Each time you read the Bible, ask yourself, “ How does this passage guide me? What does it keep me from stumbling over?”

Thought For The Day.
God’s Word Is The Light That Shines Through Our Path.

Prophetic Declaration.
1. O God, let the light of your word shine upon my path in Jesus Name.

2. My father, grant me greater insight into your word in Jesus Name. Amen!

3. Power for divine exploits, fall afresh upon my life in Jesus Name.


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Be Lifted!

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